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I ask myself this question almost every day. Not literally as that would be near depressive but through my actions, reactions, emotions, behaviour and interactions with everyday life in this modern society. I understand that the society I live in is considered “modern” as a way of thrashing or putting to rest old values and traditions that have for decades shaped how history and the world, in general, has been built.

These days however, I really wish I was born in older times where things were simple (black is black and not orange, men use the pronoun-he, him and not they, them; and cartoons were made for the exact purpose it was created for which is comic relief). These days, everyone feels tasked with the mission to discover a new form or level for society or bring to life another level of idiocrasy and have it tagged as “New Culture”, “woke” or this famous one they do where they stress the year we are in; like as if we now live in multiple timelines and this timeline is supposed to mean something, all of this just to hit home the need to have their new found stupid discovery and force it on us as “acceptable”.

                       I was talking with a girlfriend of mine quite recently about women choices and anyone that knows me knows I’d prefer to boil beans and watch it soften than talk about anything that has to do with women “with” another woman (abeg I no wan wahala). I really tried to avoid the convo as best as I could but she was adamant to know what my opinion was and well…I gave it to her; she made some good points, but just when I saw she was about winning the argument, I decided to “go woke” and salvage some points for myself and of course she gave up. The idea that being woke translate to forward thinking or logical reasoning isn’t completely true. It is very good to allow people reason for themselves and decide their own paths and choices but when it has to affect the society, the best minds are usually sort after so as not to destroy certain foundations in society that would cause an epic failure and become almost impossible to redeem.

                       I if am being honest would love the tranquility that comes with a more friendly and colourful society. I don’t like to think of myself as loud although “condition dey make crayfish bend, blame it on Lagos” I do tend to be at times, I think even the vilest of people or the crassest of men wouldn’t mind the peace and warmth of living in high brow areas like Victoria Island, Banana Island etc.

I believe I am fairly handsome, I don’t have the best of smiles but I will smile anyway, I don’t have the sexiest legs out there but you can’t watch me walk and not purrrrr lol, and although I’m a very skinny guy looking guy, legends say I give the warmest hugs but yet to the outside world, all of these isn’t really enough, I’d be laughed out for even highlighting these as my selling point and why is that you may ask; well because of the stupid, selfish and ignorant need to look (not to be) perfect!

                       Now many of us would say, “don’t give a f*** what anybody say, DO YOU”, I know this because I give similar advice as well lmao but that train of thought is actually very small and myopic thinking. If you decide not to care what people say or think about you then by bother to get out of your comfortable pyjamas and put on a less desirable attire and go out, why wear a cologne to a first date, or shave the jungle of the great Amazon valley after booking an appointment with that special person if its not to make an impression. But as we know, human beings are social beings and its our opinions that actually shape the trajectory of society.

If society is made up of a mass collective of opinions, what then is it to you, a complete stranger if I decide to wear flip flops and shorts by the road side completely minding my business, having my hair plaited? Why do you feel the need to degrade me as a low-level person or look at me as one with no future just because I chose to wear simple clothes and a flip flop out for a walk? I like to think the reason why a lot of our rich or wealthy Nigerians move to the UK is simply to live their lives like normal human beings, without the watchful eyes or morality police or parasitic relationships and opinions all over their business. Drink water oga! Mind the business that pays you and if it doesn’t then its time to look for a new one… elsewhere. I’m not saying that social disparity doesn’t exist and there isn’t perks that comes with being among the elites of the higher class, it’s just that-the intrusion of outsider opinions having a dominant say in your own life isn’t one that anybody will like to accept.

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