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I often wonder how my mom gets the strength to follow through with those NSPPD fire altar prayers every morning; calling me every morning with a smile and so much joy. She’s been at it going to 3 years now. I’m lucky to have a praying mother and I don’t take it for granted. I love you mom”.


Anytime we hear about the story of the TITANIC, the romance between Jack and Rose pops up in our heads and some of us swoon, others look on with dreamy eyes. I just look that guy with disgust I swear, waste your whole life just like that, there was space on that piece of wood; fine boy just waste like that. I don’t believe one should waste his or her life needlessly for a romance that isn’t proven neither has it been tried. Life is beautiful and should be treated as such; the romance however I was referring to is that of the infamous “Titanic Couple” Isidor and Ida Straus.

Not many people know who this couple are “because na fine boy una dey look when una dey watch the movie” but if you can remember vividly an oddly clingy but yet sweet couple who never seemed to be seen without each other throughout the movie and assumably the entirety of their stay in the ship.

I said oddly because hardly do we see newly-weds as clingy as those old couple were; you could feel the love and chemistry between them, so much that their love was much revered even beyond that of Jack and Rose which many tagged as a steamy hot splash of youthful lust and desire. The real romance and testament of love was displayed between Isidor and Ida Straus.


The Modern Titanic Romance

Now I’m not here to talk about them because a simple google search would bring up all you need to know about them; however, I do like to draw a semblance back home to one such couple who shared and dare I say still share such “Titanic Romance” as the Straus’ and that is no other than the Jacobs’; veteran actor Olu Jacobs and his amazing wife Joke Silva.

Their love story is one for the record books; it is so admirable that it trumps whatever we call love in our day and time. The sheer passion, the venerability of their union, the sacrifice, the test of time and the undying romance can melt the heart of the strongest of men. It takes more than love to have what they have and its because many of us grew up watching them on our screens, following them as we grew that we can understand the conviction and total submission Ida had when she gave up a chance to live a life where Isidor is no longer there to be a life not what living for. 


The Titanic Romance is such an idyllic love story that so many have forsaken to chase a faux pas charade of the modern day romance which is such a disappointment really; We wonder why there is no love anymore, look no further than your very own self.

The truth is, we all know what we want and we would chase it to the end of the earth if we know it is something that we can have but love isn’t something we truly want these days – security is what we want.

Love is just a by product of it and many have resigned never to expect it in their lifetime, some have traded it for a temporal fix, others (sad to say), don’t even know what it is to begin with.

I genuinely used to think that love isn’t enough to keep a home, or a marriage or a union. I was of the opinion that it takes much more work than just a mere feeling or rush of bodily fluids interfering with common sense leading up to a magnificent catastrophe but boy was I wrong! “First, I think its good to point out and appreciate my best friend, Jovita! That lady is God-sent and she has been incredibly instrumental in helping me see things differently. Love you Jovi!”.

Fact Checkers

The fact that there are a ton of families, couples, lovers who have had their love tested and who have come out on top in dire situations and challenges is just about enough to make you respect the effort and seek to grab such daring hope to as well find happiness and love with a special someone who would make your life so much better.

For starters, respect doesn’t keep a woman. It only keeps her in check while you have the capacity to maintain it. The moment you lose your capacity as a man to keep her in check, the respect she has for you would begin to dwindle and eventually fade. This isn’t to say she wouldn’t have preferred to take a different stance with you and stand with you in a different way but it is the hand you extend to her that she in return will help nurture and nourish into a full authority.

Women are nurturers, it is in their nature to nurture and grow a seed, a dream, a word, a prayer and a romance. It is however, the responsibility of the man to provide the seed, the idea, the plan with which he intends to use to lead his family, his home, and his life. I’m still learning about this love stuff because this is a new concept for me but I do it’s real, just as every failed attempt towards it is as real as they come, genuine and untainted love is the only DNA we can share with God (because God himself is love).

Yearn for it, Chase it, Find it and when you do…TREASURE IT!!!

Season is about to start!!!!!!”

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