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So, I had this amazing stir fry spaghetti yesterday and it just tasted so good, a bit salty but I really can’t complain, now I’m thinking of either making soup or stir fry spag for the weekend. Any ideas?

Strong masculine men are now being confused for toxic men, emotionally intelligent men are now being confused for effeminate men, and now men are slowly being emasculated from the society. But we do need men! In fact, a world without men is a retrogressive world, devoid of action and logic, it’s a world without balance and anchor.

But we have come to realise now that certain masculine roles aren’t as defined as we once thought them to be; of course, no one can take a man out of the equation for good, but his purpose or role can to a large extent be filled by a female. Now this would be quite controversial as a lot of men wouldn’t take quite kindly to that statement but if we are to stop to think for a second, you will realise that a lot of men have given up on traditional roles and some women have taken it up.

These days, it is expected that a woman must have something she contributes to the family, she must be able to carry some financial weight and burden off the shoulders of the man irrespective of their family size. Women have now been charged with a lot more responsibility on top of what they ought to have if they are to be considered attune to modern demands and current societal family makeup.

Now, I’m not saying a woman shouldn’t on her own volition decide not to be responsible for her life, take up accountability and choose to live life in the way that would make her happy whichever that may be; what I am saying is, men have now chosen to “split the bill” with them. In other words, they have decided to relinquish some of their responsibilities as men, and in doing so trade it for a shot at some domesticated, feminine roles.

Ever noticed how some couples, (although modern) now have this burning desire to impress and invite the world into their private affair, making it an online tourist attraction of sort; or how certain men advocate for domestication of the male counterpart in the family unit as it helps create the right balance and recipe for a lasting union.

See! As it concerns the context of relationships, there will always be gender roles. There is always going to be a role a man must play if he is to demand respect from his partner and a woman must be able to fulfill certain roles if she is to demand love and commitment from her man. Understanding the roles that work for you however, takes a certain level of acceptance and communication between the partners.

A man should never believe it is okay to be domesticated since his partner is able to take care of certain obligations and a woman must never think taking up a man’s responsibility will sail the ship to paradise.

Our gender roles go hand in hand with our biological makeup and you can only play at each other’s roles long enough before the man’s ego gets bruised, or the woman’s patience runs thin and then abuse becomes inevitable.

If you do choose to “split the bill” then you and your partner must make up for that gender disparity one other way to create a balance that works. A man will always be a man, and a woman will never be masculine enough to not be a woman. Roles are there to guide us and help us navigate our paths as we navigate through the harsh torrents of life.

“Mind you, I’m available for all things enjoyment. My calender is as clear as day, make nobody whine me o”

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