“I HAVE BEEN STOOLING!!!, my God; who told me to eat those left-over beans and potatoes. S.O.S”

I’d like to reiterate first and foremost that I am a Christian, very proud and I believe in the word and gospel of Jesus Christ. Make no mistake, however, I believe in the religion that is Christianity doesn’t mean I am oblivious to the errors and hypocrisy surrounding it. I do like to think that most of the allegations or stories we hear about Christianity are mostly from persons who do not have any kind of relationship at all with their maker but boy was I in for a shock. Christianity like most religions out there are claimed by the majority but practised by the minority and has become more of a status symbol than its original intended purpose.

For me, Christianity is a lifestyle. A life tailored after Jesus Christ; when I talk about Christianity, I speak of it in a way and manner that tells of a heritage more than a practice. It is a lot easier to come to terms with certain things in Christianity when you accept it as part of your heritage. I will try not to sound too religious here lol. However; not everyone shares this belief and it’s fine, I obviously cannot impose my belief or ideologies on others but it is clear that a lot of people are greatly misguided and wrongly led by men (whom should serve as leaders) who know better but have given in to the corruption that comes with guile being the voice of God.


You hear a lot of Christians over time claim to be heirs of Christ and it says so (in the good book) for people who genuinely give their lives and turn away from their sinful ways, but isn’t it a tad bit ironical and almost comical that these “so called” Christians are the very persons to avoid when dealing with business, relationships, or anything at all. It is so bad that a lot of people myself included have my guard up the moment a person introduces himself as a pastor, man of God, deacon, pope, voice of papa or any crazy title they choose to give themselves these days. I almost always expect the worst from these set of people especially PASTORS.

This piece will definitely cause a lot of controversy but it’s a truth that we cannot deny. Why has it gotten to the point where the virtue of a Christian can be questioned, where Christians are being used and marginalized by fellow Christians, why has the truth been ostracized so much that we begin to question the authenticity of the Word of God or the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

The pharisees of the Holy Bible who attacked, criticized, questioned and killed Jesus and whom the body of Christ recognizes as the antagonist of the gospel, the harbingers of the doom, the wolf in sheep clothing are the people who stand on your altars, who smile at gatherings, who preach the gospel to you, they are the ones who read articles such as these, write articles such as these. Those pharisees are you and I; and we really should be ashamed.

Yes, we have become the Pharisees that the Bible talked about in the times of Jesus, you cannot possibly think of the Pharisees, Scribes and not see your very own pastors or so called “Man of God” in them. There is no truth in the mouth or the heart of an average Christian, there’s more hope for salvation for an atheist or Muslim than there is for a Christian. Where did we go wrong you may ask? How did things get this bad? It’s simple really, and I will give a very prime example to illustrate my point. In the book of John chapter 8; it talks about when the Pharisees brought a prostitute to trap Jesus.


Looking at the scene alone, one can tell they were fully aware they are full of sin and what they were about to do “trying to get Jesus to choose a lesser sin” is wrong but they still went about setting the trap, and Jesus answered in the most brilliant of ways; giving us one of the most famous quotes ever spoken “he that is without sin, cast the first stone”. Everyone knows what happened in this story, but now I ask, if a homosexual were to come into your church today and was to sit at the very front pew of the church, what would your church do? What would be going through your own heart, what would be said about that person after the service? But! What did Jesus do?

I do not support homosexuality as it is against my faith and I stand with my faith but just as Jesus showed love to the prostitute in the Bible, I have no iota of doubt he would do the same for one who is gay. Love is key. Love is what is lacking in the hearts of you and I as Christians. We can not say we love ourselves as Christians but we are divided among ourselves; a “redeemer” preaches salvation to someone but is being misguided by the teachings of “Christ Embassy” and fell out of grace by the seclusion of “deeper life”.


 Now here is the problem, who died and gave these factions of the body of Christ the authority to determine which teachings are the proper interpretation of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ? Who said that a body divided can stand? Or that a religion which isn’t united in their own house can claim to be the way or path to making heaven? If you think about these scenarios, Islam could actually be the way; the message you preach to a Muslim in Pakistan is more likely the same message he will hear in Egypt and definitely the same he would hear in Kano. But we as Christians can’t hear the same message from Enugu to Oyo.

This is not to say that Islam is the way, as a Christian “and I do not wish to sound bias” I believe this personally, the true way is in Jesus Christ and He alone. Also, I’m not in the position to speak about another religion as I do not have enough knowledge about it “I’m also open to learn”. Islam does have its own setbacks, for a religion that preaches about peace, it sounds pretty ironical knowing the state of insecurity in Nigeria.

When you put two and three together, you really start to question the point of religion and why it’s effect has been more negative than positive, especially considering how far technology has come. “I’ve been down with malaria for a couple of days now with loads of work to do, I need a break abeg”. This is why it is very important to drop the concept of religion and follow the truth in what is being taught in said religion. Religion as a body really is a cancer in our society, a bane in our society. I really wish this concept of religion can be better addressed by people who ardent Christians or Muslims would listen to and hopefully learn from.

Jesus Christ as far as I know never preached Christianity, he however lived the life that created the concept for it and thereafter the birth of the religion. We should try to live our lives patterned after the Way with the help of the Bible and people who are living in the truth of the way. Life would be a lot better if we do not let the strings of religion dictate our very existence.

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