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Have you noticed that there are no good films out there again? Even that nonsense John Wick was an absolute waste of data; I sha thank God I didn’t waste money on cinema just to watch him do odenshi from start to finish

Now this piece is actually just me voicing an opinion really lol; but seriously, are you ready? Do you know how much diapers cost? “The thought of diapers alone dey do my body one kind”. So, a lot of my friends got hitched this year and I have to be honest, it really got me thinking, you mean you guys woke up, took your vows (for better or for worse), got a house, bought a dream, then decided to choose violence by bringing in those pocket friendly lifetime iphone alarms? Egbami!

I love kids – when they are quiet, or sleeping, or just staring at their mother while feeding; but you see when they decide to treat your “f*ck up” and put all your masculinity to shame; there’s nothing your father can do. You will follow them and cry for a few minutes of silence. I won’t lie yeah, the idea of being a father and having to raise a mini-me is a privilege of a lifetime and one nobody should take for granted; but then when I think of parents, discipline, “macho man” and all those groceries; I think a world of migraine, stress and back ache.

But that is to say we have the type of men who are willing to take on these responsibilities; Have you seen the crop of men today? “Dem dey paint nails, some dey wear skirt, dem even dey call themselves zesty, fruity; Chai! obara Jesus, bia buru m gawa biko” I understand that there is an agenda to feminize men but even the masculine ones wey remain, some of them “no get sense, others con lazy and na dem dey born pass”.


To raise a child is a very important and life changing responsibility for anyone. If you choose to bring life to this world, it is not a decision to make lightly; It’s one thing to think you are matured enough to take the very bold step of being with a woman as a man; choosing to create life and elevate further into fatherhood takes so much more than just bringing life to the world.

It is a lot of sacrifice, responsibility, dedication and pain to be a role model, leader, lover, father, and provider; providing for both wife and kids and also ensuring that your life doesn’t lag behind as well. (I’m speaking as a man because I do not think I have the capacity to speak as a woman neither do I wish to).


Parenthood is hard; Marriage is harder (in some cases), this generation of people have made life even unimaginable for anyone who desires to live a straight, decent life. It’s easier and perceived a norm to come from a single parent household than a two-parent household in the Western world, and in fact, single parent households are fast becoming a trend in Nigeria.

I don’t know if you guys noticed but condom companies aren’t selling like they used to these days”, safe sex is gone, baby mama and baby daddy is the new swag that everyone is hopping into, where you can kill two birds with a stone; have a child without having to commit to their mother or vice versa. I seriously fear for the future of society with the way things are going.

I believe one should only birth children when they are absolutely sure they are ready to shoulder such responsibility and they have the full backing and support of their partner. The child you neglect today will come around to haunt you tomorrow. Selfish people have no business birthing children and adults should really learn sexual discipline and not bring in innocent souls into a world that is so corrupted and evil without providing a home they can run to for safety, sanity and love.

Let’s do better. Don’t be a parent if you know you can’t do it. Work on yourself, find help and do your best to be better so that when you do birth children, they will be a product of your hard work.

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