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Game of Chance

So! A bit of bad news; I have just realized that having a skin care routine in this country is a complete utter waste of time because this weather came from a very nasty divorce and the sun isn’t smiling, especially to we in Lagos!!!

I like to do a lot of thinking, reading and studying and although I don’t claim to know anything about stuff, I have found that often times that a lot of us are just moving mad, many are mad but indeed few are roaming. I doubt there is a high percentage of people who know what they are doing with their lives at this present time. A lot of us (especially young adults from 24 – 33) are basically just using our lives to play urgent 2 odds in bet naija. Everything we do is a gamble; not that we particularly enjoy the uncertainty that comes with plunging two feet deep into a river but then you would never know if you don’t try right?

By the way, I have terrible luck in online sports betting, so pardon my rant, its been a rough couple of months. I miss the days where we could confidently tell anyone who cared to ask what we hoped to be in the future and with bright eyes, a bash of excitement and a loud voice fit enough to put a bus conductor to shame, we’d yell “ACCOUNTANT” (this was me at age six), “ENGINEER”, “LAWYER”. Infact the lawyer part is the most hilarious because 80% of Nigerian lawyers have become real estate agent (Valentina, how far that client na).

I’d like to dare you to ask a young adult in his mid-twenties or early thirties what they plan to do with their life (and pray you don’t come back with a black eye), you will see that there is a sense of defeat in their tone, that optimism they had, the sparkle in their eyes when they talk about what their future would look like (oya we don dey the future, how far na? Shey na only me wan go back because this adulthood, na God go punish am for me las las).

Whatever we got going on at this point in time, may or may not be our primary goal in life. It certainly wasn’t what our parents ingrained into us when we were younger (but hey! It pays the bills), but it’s what we’ve got and we would be ready to fight to keep it. What about relationships? (abeg let’s not go there lmao), I’m quite sure at the age we are at, we probably had blissful (Ariel moments) imaginations of how our love life would be, some may even have been bold to plan out how their first sex would look like (leemao), others probably thought they’d marry an American superstar (to be honest, I thought I’d have the looks and charm of Hercules and get babes too lol)

Relationships shouldn’t even be called that anymore with the way people have completely abused the concept and its meaning. It just seems like everything we once held pure, true and beautiful, we all came together and destroyed it; now, all we doing is gambling that we roll the winning dice and get a guy who is handsome, rich, caring (with a sprinkle of narcissism and a touch of abuse ear and dear) or a job that pays N1m a month, remote (with no time to enjoy it and no real friends to celebrate). Okay! People may come at me and say, Life is a gamble, guy nothing sure for you o, and although I do not deny it, why does it seem like we always seem to end up with the short end of the draw?

Game of chance

Listen, I get it. Life is a game of chance, nothing ever goes according to plan, realities are different from dreams and you can never substitute real hard work for ideas and wishes; and this is why, if you are going to bet on something, then you must be ready to bet right and give it your all! One thing is certain in life and that is, if you don’t try, you will never know. You have just one life, death will happen for us all eventually; that is one thing, the rich, the poor, the hale and hearty or the weak and sickly all have in common. We will all die! But do you know what they have that you don’t? the grit and desire to make what’s left of the life they have here worth it.

So if you wanna get into a relationship; give it your best, if you wanna learn a skill, put your all, if you wanna fight, put your life on the line for you to win; because if at the end, all is vanity and nothing truly matters in this world because after we live, we don’t take anything with us; then make sure you put your absolute best in getting the best out of your life. You have one life, one shot, one chance and one dream. If you don’t get it now, you will never get it, if you don’t fight now, you will never see the chance of you winning and if you don’t bet on yourself to succeed…you will never know!

Life is short! Don’t waste it complaining and comparing but spend it, exploring and achieving and you will surely have lived a life worth telling.

I don’t have kids yet but my back hurts, who I offend?

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