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“So I recently met this lady one time at the bus stop. A black goddess if I may say “this babe fine die”, and she was oozing this aura of elegance and poise that man nearly lost his game staring at her lol. Bottom line is, I have her number now sha, and I’m ready to take any type of Panadol for her headache”.


Whether we like it or not, this question has crossed our minds several times lol, even more so as a youth living in (bondage) NIGERIA. I remember asking my religious leader one time about why God doesn’t answer prayers (I legit said it like that and you should see the look on the whole church’s face lmao), as usual, they’d tell you how God answers prayers and its probably your sin preventing its manifestation or the devil is holding it somewhere.

But I mean, why is it for important prayer requests, that is when my sin go raise shoulder? It bothered me a while and I have to admit, I just concluded that since you can’t question God, then there are a world of questions that would be left unanswered.

Does God really answer prayers? The short answer is Yes he does, in fact prayers are the only way we can communicate with God, so it won’t be much of a communication if God didn’t listen to our prayers and respond. The real question is, how does God “answer” our prayers?


Most of our request are pretty selfish if we are being honest, however, you can’t help it if your prayers are selfish when your heart isn’t right with God. If there is one thing the bible tells us about Jesus, is that- He who was King, an uncorruptible, one with God, put on corruption and made himself like man that he may die shameful death. This among so many qualities of our Lord Jesus Christ tells us that Jesus above all was a selfless man while on the earth, a man with great humility. Philippians 2:6-8.


This is exactly what God expects of us (Christians anyway). He wants us to be selfless and trust him to deliver with our needs as at when due (Matt 6:33). It’d be incredible if God simply chose to let bad things happen to us wouldn’t it? And yet, bad things do happen to children of God, why is that?

Well for starters, Jesus never promised that if we follow him, we would not suffer lack, pain, abuse, rejection and even death; on the contrary he explicitly told us in Mark 10:29-30. Bad things will happen and sometimes it would look like God let it happen especially when we believe he has the power to avert but yet chose not to. People have lost loved ones while on their knees praying to God and asking to heal them and some of those prayers have gone unanswered.


Praying according to his will is a good start when we tender our requests to God. Now you may say, “why do I have to do all that just for God to answer”, the truth is, there is an order in this life, this world is governed and ruled by powers beyond our understanding, there is a sort of hierarchy in the universe and you are at the very bottom of this hierarchy (if you don’t have a relationship with God).


You may belong to the strongest kingdom of the universe and even be a citizen of this Kingdom doesn’t mean you are immune to attacks within and outside of the kingdom. The greatest country in our present age is the United States of America, citizens enjoy many human benefits that we in Nigeria can only dream of, yet they are not immune to certain realities and attacks like online abuse, depression, diseases and death; however, they’re a some model citizens that the country has on display to showcase the true American spirit they believe in and give hope to others but those few weren’t given special treatment because they were special;

No! They had to endure several pains, and hurts and disappointments before they were able to attain the position that they are today.

The same goes for the body of Christ, if we can not choose to live our lives the way God has directed for us to do, take the pain to live by his will and soldier on, it doesn’t make much difference even when we identify as children of God if we can not enjoy the blessings that comes with it. (What’s the point of green card 

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