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“This topic means more to me than y’all might think lol, so this one time I was at my hommie’s house and he had errands to run and told me to prepare the food. Now I am of the opinion that everyone has he’s own way of preparing a dish and cooking is more of an art. Omo! Na egusi dem say make I cook o, looking back at it now ehn! Chai, I fall my own hand. The thing con dey resembles bitter leaf soup wey dem use sacrifice chicken take cook. Everywhere black, con red in some places; omo! Those boys use me laugh ehn, I con dey reason maybe na why girls no gree date me.”

A world without food is a lifeless world. There is nothing as beautiful as seeing properly made food, with a pleasant aroma and the joy of great savoury flavour and taste. I believe cooking to be a skill and a damn good one at that. It’s a very big flex to know how to make delicious dishes and it’s a thing of pride to “play God” and create masterpieces in the form of delectable delicacies.

Surprisingly enough, we live in a society where even females laud it as a thing of pride when they claim not to know how to cook because of their busy schedules and work life. I don’t believe cooking to be a job for one particular gender, but I do know that women serve as better homemakers than men (and this is by no means sexist). 

In this part of the world especially, meeting a woman who can not cook is one thing but where one chooses in all finality not to learn how to cook, then that is just plain stupidity. No matter how bad you are, you suppose sabi boil rice na.

Men aren’t left out on this. A lot of mothers are now learning the importance of training their sons in the art of cooking there really isn’t much of an excuse as to why men would choose not to learn how to cook. It is well known that the best chef in the world (arguably) Jordan Ramsay makes one of the best dishes one could think of and likewise a plethora of great amazing chefs who are males that really makes cooking a thing of sheer beauty.

Cooking also helps one appreciate the partner more. Its often expected for women to make the food for the family and even while the woman may be busy at work, for some families the mothers are still expected to make dinner.

This sometimes puts a strain on the relationship with the mother (especially now that a lot of women have realized their rights as women) and her family; assisting in the kitchen or sometimes taking over the dinner fosters an even deeper bond. When you spend time in the kitchen with your partner, moments are being created, memories are being made and food just happens to taste a lot better.

Cooking is a life skill, it’s a talent that can open doors, build bridges, save time and money and ultimately make you a more rounded individual. It’s a beautiful thing to not have to depend on your partner or someone else before you can have a meal as that shows how small-minded and entitled you are; a trait that won’t bud well in the future. Go on YouTube, ask a friend, meet your mom, do trial and error. Cook a meal today and be happy lol.

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