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Everybody has an opinion about cohabiting, to be very honest, the best opinions about cohabitation will make you actually wanna give it a shot. It works for some people and it doesn’t for others; personally, I don’t believe in it and I’m not basing my opinions on faith.

If your main reason for choosing not to live with your partner is primarily because your faith disallows it, then good for you; I won’t say you did a good thing or a bad thing, just make sure you are convinced that it is the right thing and you are home and dry. The Bible speaks against it extensively because it involves pre-marital sex which is a sin (alright so moving on). Co-habitation involves living with your partner and playing “husband and wife” without the tenets of legality or reason; in order words, you are basically testing the waters, or trying your cake and having it all to yourself.

It’s become a rather fast paced and subtle way of starting a family, one which cuts over the need to spend excessively on a wedding or a celebration. In fact, most people would rather move in with their partners and have them pregnant and in so doing make their stay permanent. Relationships are taking quite a different turn from what we knew it to be when we were younger and it seems more like, a new face is worn every full moon.

Why would you consider moving in with your partner

  1. Well for one, it saves you the stress of uncertainties. Think about it, if you hope to spend your life with someone, then getting to know the person on a more intimate level will help prepare you on what to expect and if the both of you can work together, you both can actually put plans into action and overcome any obstacle that comes your way
  2. It eases the financial burden. I would just like to assume you assume you’re smart enough to get a working partner and not a leech; the burden of having to take on certain responsibilities can be shared and plans can be set up on how responsibilities can be better handled in the future.
  3. Strengthens the bond. Believe it or not, getting to live with your partner, share a life with your partner would only give you more insight into your partner’s world, allowing you the chance to be a live in it and ultimately be a part of it. It adds that extra conviction you need to go the extra mile when you need to.
  4. Life is fun in twos. Let’s be honest here, nobody wants to be alone, even people who are going through stuff in life and need to do it alone – would prefer if they could have partners take on the journey with them. There’s just this ray of life that seemingly graces your apartment when you know you have your partner sharing it with you, can’t lie its beautiful.

You see you can not deny that living with your partner helps one make much better decisions as to whether there is a logical path to marriage or if there are certain things to work on. A lady who finds out while cohabiting with her man, that he is such a loud and terrible snort won’t have her thought process worked out to the maximum; or a man comes home to see that his lady doesn’t know how to do dishes and laundry because she relied on maids growing up, would not think that a big problem that needs to be addressed before marriage?

Why you should not move in with your partner

  1. See finish. I can’t mince words here; this is the most dreadful insult one has to avoid in this life. The moment a person has gotten to this point where disrespect creeps into the relationship because of see finish, you would wish you never met that partner.
  2. Most don’t end up together. Think about it, what do you possibly think is keeping our parents together? Do you really think there are days they don’t wanna leave? Responsibility, accountability and “being an adult” keeps most of them in line. There is nothing exciting about being with one partner after 5 years not to talk of when kids are in the scene and fights are a routine; how much more when there’s no obligation for you to stay?
  3. It hinders personal development. A lot of people are yet to fully love and accept who they are and their weaknesses but they have to be forced to love, live and accept the inconsistencies and baggage of a stranger. In every moment in life, there is always the opportunity to grow, learn and become better but while cohabiting, everything is shared unequally and even your own personally time has to be shared with your partner.
  4. False commitment. It gets to a point where each partner is looking out for an excuse to leave. One partner has to pretend to be the best version of a model partner and keep the façade of a relationship. This false commitment can be draining and if they do get married, revenge on how the partner has been treated is always on the cards.


Now this is not saying every couple cohabiting would actually experience all of this; in fact, some could go on to have quite an adventure in their marriages, but it is important to note that you should never be cohersed into something you are not ready for, but if you are, then all I will say is Buena suerte.

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