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BECOMING BORN AGAIN: What They Don’t Tell You!

DISCLAIMER: “Now I have to let everyone know, right here and now that I am a massive Chelsea fan and I will support this club until my dying breath. Man Utd and Arsenal are shit, Liverpool is ass and to be very honest, nobody truly cares about City lol

Born again

Becoming a Christian in this modern era is fast becoming a death wish; many Christians have so abused and devalued the religion so much that the sanctity of the gathering of Christians is almost likened to a gathering of thieves, murderers and lovers of evil. But hey! I am a Christian and a proud one at that, yeah we have a few bad eggs (probably more than a few) but the idea that a Christian is supposed to be perfect or walk in perfection is the reason why so many Christians in this modern day and age fail and have strayed from the path.

It is important to point out here and now that we can not talk about Christianity and not make reference to the Bible; anything I say would count for nothing if I can’t back it up.

Being Born Again

For starters; Jesus never expected us to be perfect Christians- far from it; He did however desire that we “walk towards perfection”, a stark contrast to how a lot of believers is living. So, what does it mean to be “born again”? In my honest opinion, I believe being born again is as straight forward as it implies – to be reborn anew, start again, to live a new life. The born again experience isn’t something that is imposed on you or else it just isn’t right. Its an experience that convicts you of your shame, your weakness and your struggles and shows you a way out. This experience for many who truly became born again opens the door of their hearts to Jesus welcoming him into their lives with the hope that this new life he brings them would save them from the former life they lived.

Born again

Now this I believe should be the ground principle to being born again “Again I am no pastor, just a young fellow believer who seriously needs help”, and this is why when we see true believers come to the faith, they are so fired up and full of life. But what of the person who didn’t go through that experience? the whole spiritual rebirth? What of a person who simply chose to follow Jesus because of the life a friend of his lived and the peace it brought him and he chose to emulate? Who is there to help?

The truth is and this is very common especially here in Nigeria. Christians love to assure people that once you come to Christ, all your problems would be washed away, your pain would be removed and you will receive joy like nothing you can ever imagine. The promise for a life full of joy, peace and fulfilment is what draws a lot of people in; the reality of the hardship, long suffering and persecution you would face, is the reality that takes them out. “Na why I hate real estate agents, naso dem go dey lie say if you buy land, in 5 years’ time, the bush wey you buy today go be like ikoyi tomorrow. Oga na lie! Just say you wan collect my money”.

Attack On Christians

There is a lot of persecution to face when becoming a Christian. We need to also understand that God himself will allow such to happen 1 Peter 1: 6-7; John 16:33. It is very important to let believers know that God allows certain challenges and temptations come our way but because he allows it, doesn’t mean he’s abandoned us, Jer 29:11, Rom 5: 4. God permitted the devil to torment Job and tempt him up to the point Job had to demand an explanation as to why God would do him such injustice Job 27: 2

He may choose not to answer; many people don’t like to admit this but this is the gospel truth and it doesn’t undermine his power as the Almighty, it however informs you of a problem somewhere, if you are a Christian and a believer, you would know that the problem can not be from him because you are the one with the problems coming to him for solution and help so therefore if your prayers aren’t being answered or God chooses not to answer them, it could mean you aren’t living right with him and he expects more from you James 4:3 and the most common of all is praying according to his will which many of us apparently fail at 1 John 5:14-15.

God is actually a very jealous being and really isn’t the type to share; “I often like clingy babes so I definitely love the fact God doesn’t play with me” so much that he actually expects you to live your life FOR him and according to the will that pleases him.

This is where a lot of people draw the line, they get the fact that they get to drop a lot of things in order for God to fix their broken lives, but they don’t and can’t seem to understand is living another life different to the one they’ve built up, the life they know, the life their friends and family know, changing who they are into something different.

That is a step a lot of young believers aren’t ready to take and the church doesn’t help either in standing with them through that journey. God is interested in you, all of you and wants people to see himself in you… So basically; more of him and less of you John 3;30

He expects you to share the gospel. Now he didn’t say you have to be a preacher, but he desires that as you have found grace and help, you should in like manner offer help and hope to others who are lost Mark 16: 15-16

There are a ton of realities out there for people who want to enter the Christian life and it is our duty as fellow believers to be there for them, encouraging them, assisting them along the way; with the help of the Holy Spirit teaching them what God expects of us according to the Bible and how we can learn to live better lives from taking little steps walking towards perfection!

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