A World Full of Stars

Hi guys! Been a hot minute lol. A lot has happened but we still here right? Hope we will be here for much longer.

Information is power; or so they say; and education is necessary for every society to grow and develop into individuals that could in more ways than one support their community and make their lives much better than they met it. Everyone has a goal in life, from the mundane to the grandiose, from the selfish to the noble. We all have one thing or the other that helps push us into this continuous cesspool of stress, pain, hurt and hope. But if information is power, why then is our world not any better than the older adults that were here before us?

You would think, with all that we know, with all that we can accomplish, with all of our advancements and our “rights”, we’d atleast be able to create a small paradise were we can hide out when the fangs of this world comes out to bite in the guise of relationships, work, duty e.t.c We are in the most advanced technological and scientific time in human history and we still don’t know how to make paradise.

It hurts to know that no matter how hard you try, and how diligent you may be at something, there is a slim chance that all your hard-work could be for nought. Some like to console themselves into thinking that there’s more to life than what we currently are pursuing but the reality is – what other life do you know for you to believe there is something more? There is only one life, one plan, one shot and one goal. That is to be happy!

There is this popular saying that goes, “It’s better to weep in a Bugatti that laugh in a keke” (or was it cry in a keke?). That statement, as contrary as it sounds always gets me to the point where I ask myself; you have a Bugatti, you certainly have a thriving business, servants at your beck and call, friends, pleasure at your finger-tips, the best that life has to offer, still yet you cry? Why? What kind of vicious cycle do we find ourselves where the very thing we fight for to supposedly end our times of tears (poverty) could inadvertently cause even more tears (I don’t know about you but whatever could make someone cry in a Bugatti isn’t something I’d wish for myself).

So you mean to say, the goals we set for ourselves won’t provide he fulfilment we desire? Don’t get me wrong, money is a dream and to have it is to play god; but just like most things in this life; it’s all smoke and mirrors – deflecting from what could truly be our happiness, which is to be fulfilled. In a world full of possibilities, we are swarmed with doubts, fear and disdain. Youths are afraid to commit but are searching for love and loyalty, friends are searching for kindness but are afraid to make certain sacrifices, siblings are in need of protection and love but their parents are too selfish to care. We are in a world full of stars and yet there’s no light? We have all the power and yet haven’t made any real step in making lives better, we are more connected now more than ever through the internet but yet still so far from basic humanity.

If truly what we desire would make us any better in life, then don’t you think we would have gotten it by now? I truly think we alone are the architects of our own happiness and not what the society has mapped out for us. The society isn’t moving with your happiness in mind, its moving with the intent of making progress and for that purpose, everything is dispensable. Life can only become beautiful when you choose to see yours that way!

Share some positivity, if not for anyone, then do it for yourself, try and attract as much good energy as you can. Detoxify a little, you’re not the problem; you are part of the solution!.

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